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Marble Polish

Marble polish is made to shine matt marble surfaces again. So how to make marble polish at home?

Marble available in a wide variety of colors and patterns is used in apartment entrances, kitchens, bathrooms and balconies. Surfaces paved with marble in large squares are both easy to clean and look beautiful. Before polishing, the marble surface should be cleaned.

Do you know about the marbles you use in the kitchen, bathroom and floor coverings of the rooms?

  • Since polished marbles are more slippery than others, they pose a danger in wet floors such as bathrooms.
  • We strongly recommend that you do not touch foods with high acidity such as orange, lemon and grapefruit to the marble surface.
  • You can use non-slip carpets or rugs to prevent the marble you use on the floor from slipping.
  • Sharp and pointed objects used on the countertop can scratch the marble used on the countertop surfaces. To avoid this, be careful to use a cutting board when cutting something on the counter.
  • Marbles are water resistant and can be used on all surfaces.
  • The length of marble tiles is usually 30 cm. However, you can also supply it in different sizes and shapes according to your request.

North Cyprus Marble Polish

Whether you use marbles in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or on the flooring of your room, it will add a different ambiance to the place you use it.

How to Clean Marble?

If the surface is very dirty and scratched, it is recommended to first clean it with sandpaper. This process removes heavy dirt on the surface and scratches created by use. It also eliminates the height differences that occur during laying up to a level. For sanding, sandpapers with a thickness of 40, 80, 150, 240 are applied in order. If the surface is not very dirty or scratched, it should be wiped with cleaning pads and special cleaning detergents.

How to Make Marble Polish at Home?

You can use the following method to apply marble polish at home. Polished marble surfaces that have become dull with use can be restored to their former shine with a red pad and polish. Scratched marble surfaces are cleaned as described above, and the polish is applied with a white pad. Since there may be differences in the application of the polish according to the brand and type of the polish, the usage description of the polish should be followed.

  • The cleaned surface is left to dry.
  • To facilitate drying, the floor is wiped with a dry mop.
  • The polymerized polish is put into the pressed bucket and evenly applied to the entire floor with a damp mop that can be squeezed in a wet tasseled mop press.
  • The floor is left to dry.
  • This process continues until at least three coats of varnish are applied to the floor.
  • When the lacquer dries, a gloss is formed on the floor in the form of a film layer.

Note: Pads are apparatus used with polishing and washing machines. It is generally used for surface scrubbing. It is produced in different colors according to the purpose of use.

  • Green pad: used for scrubbing before polishing the floor. It cleans by removing the existing polish.
  • Blue pad: It is used for cleaning with strong spray as well as wet or foam scrubbing.
  • Red pad: Used for spray cleaning.
  • Black pad: It is the hardest and abrasive. It is used for removing polish or for effective cleaning on wet surfaces.

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